~~~~~Life at IIJNM~~~~~ A million worries and a hundred smiles…

09 Oct

Originally Written on – Saturday, October 18, 2008, while at IIJNM Bangalore

Well to describe life here is not an easy task. Frankly speaking, I thought a lot of phrases and tried putting what I feel in very sophisticated terms but… just couldn’t think of any better than ‘ Life is Hectic but Fun’. Now hectic and fun transport me back to literature classes and to the figure of speech oxymoron where two completely different things are paired together to deliver the effect, isn’t the effect delivered here? Well read on it for sure will 😉

Life here! Well let’s begin with say 7:30 in the morning. Luckily I stay in a room and not a dorm so it is easier to win the battle of the bathroom easily, prior to that reading the newspaper is essential to prepare whatever small little armour I can, to deal with the great catastrophe NEWS QUIZ!! Well this small little quiz covers just everything on planet earth and to memorise all that and put it on a paper is some experience which all should experiment. 😉

After preparing the small little armour knowing that it just might shatter into a thousand pieces and memorising all the names of people who made it to news that morning is a tedious task (wonder why people have to do things and appear on front pages and then we sit and remember their names). Anyways like a kid repeating the names to yourself so as not to forget I get into the bathroom… Even before it is 10 minutes I will have one of my roommate calling Sruthi!! Be Quick! And I just chuckle inside the bathroom thinking about this one time when one of our dearest roommates decided to take a luxury bath and was in for an hour!! YES PEOPLE AN HOUR ON A WORKING DAY!! The rest four took a bath in 20 minutes and rushed to the college…. [Nah Nah don’t get ideas we didn’t stink that day;) ]

Finally after looking whatever little presentable I can… I enter the mess to have breakfast only to realise that there is Idly today.God is great isn’t he?? If there is Idly there is Vada if there is Upma there is cutlet as the saviour but when there is Poori its better to give your tummy a little rest. 😉 😉 After gobbling whatever is available next scene shifts to people walking up the road to the college wondering why isn’t the college and the hostel in the same campus and why we need to walk up this slope. As the cribbing continues we reach the college and enter into the room where we have the news quiz.

There the war begins with ten questions being thrown at you concerning the world happenings. Sitting there trying to wonder what the answers are, I somehow finish the quiz knowing that if I score a 6 /10 it can be categorised as the eight wonder: D

Soon after that battle is over. Begins the rigorous schedule of classes talking about journalism, verification, ethics, truth, camera, story ideas spread all over the day till 5:00 in the evening with a lunch break technically of an hour but normally we just get half an hour. Don’t ask why??(Aren’t allowed to crib) Even then, We are not betrayed in being reminded by our dear faculty that we get leave only in two cases “Either when you are dead or dying” if you are dead then the doctor can tell me and if you are dying you can come yourself and tell me the same.;) We finish the tedious day only to begin an elongated evening!!!

After the day is over we proceed to the hostel for tea break.If it is pav bhaji or channa chat for snacks, then it would as well suffice for dinner.After having tea, we again rush back to the media lab. Here I reckon one of my colleagues and a good friend had written media lab, as one of the five options, which you cannot live with in his Orkut profile considering this it wouldn’t be wrong if I say we eat drink walk talk sleep media lab. In fact the popular talk among all of us is that we should have a small little kettle coffee a cushion and a blanket with us so that we needn’t go back to the hostel and be here 24/7!!! Everything kept aside our personal computers. Well, dreams! aren’t they realistic sum times??? But it is also fun to talk about all this after all such stupid talks are an integral part of our college life.

So, after snacks which most of us prefer having on our lovely terrace, ah terrace is the event happening place… 😉 by 6ish the sight would change to people proceeding to the media lab again, but in our night suits. 😉 Once we are there, it is a complete chaos. People would be blasting music, which is distinctly loud even when they use their headphones. Others would be shouting at the top of their voices. Mostly the TV guys and this particular person from print would get up and say “ why do you TV guys have to make so much of noise ‘u guys are so loud’ On the other hand you can listen to the khat khat of the keyboard where people are tying to finish away the unending assignments to glory and others are still indulging in the same typing but they are chatting( he he he he don’t we find the time to chat in this mess??)

As we proceed into the night the young trainee journalists here get more active loud and interesting… the media lab shuts at 11:30 and people definitely want to make a mark that they exists. We would return back to the hostel making sure the whole world knows about us and then comes the most interesting part; all of us reach the common area ‘another area of action’

With the new found freedom common area becomes the room of requirement coming straight of the Harry potter series 😉 It becomes the area for the lovers, friends, fun lovers, and drunkards. People working on assignments also resort to this wonderful area. All went well till the time we got caught and were given a strict guideline that others sleep in the night,with professors on campus what else can be said??

Even when that didn’t work we had the whisper police system and we had a whisper police squad. Arey don’t worry we weren’t put into a jail. People who were the most talkative were given the duty to make sure everything is quite and silent post midnight… How far that worked is till date debatable.;)

After making sincere promises that we would hit the sack by 11, we have even become very sincere in breaking those promises and are competing with each other that who would be awake till late in the night or shall we say early in the morning as we have people who sleep only at 2:am.

Early next morning, we would see people having dark circles and running through the day all over again as it started.

Well life isn’t bad in fact it is at one of the stages which I will cherish entire life juggling between the roles of a student and a trainee journalist might be tough but definitely at the same time it is challenging and exciting to an extent that I will miss this life very dearly once I am out of here, though I am not very happy admitting the same thing right now.;)

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